Friday, September 19, 2008


What is new with Lukas?

Boy is building a raft. I think he is finishing it tomorrow.
He is starting school soon.
Might be making a foray into sex work in the near future (just kidding...)

I saw him doing pushups in the kitchen the other day. It was ridiculous. I could feel his muscles from the other room. They aren't big per se, but they are so defined and rock hard.

A deep background source tells me lukas has opened a line of correspondence with one of the girls from t.a.t.u. Supposedly she was stressed out from all the pressures of Moscow...something about working on a new album. They have reportedly booked a trip to havana for spring break.

I heard Lukas is really into public if you see him in public...well...

that is all for now. may your ship its be crucial.

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