Sunday, September 7, 2008

lukas needs this

alright, after much considerations i think this fucker is back in business.

i looked into the possibility of finding a ghostwriter for this shit.
no good. i guess i have to ghost write it myself. shipit.

we're back because lukas needs this blog.

check the timeline:

earlier - before the blog his love life was bland, at best.
less earlier - blog hits- lukas' love life gets crazy out of control gnar boots hot rolling boil.
most recent - blog ends, love life drops temp to a tepid gurgle. not gnarboots.

videostoregirl was a dead end i guess. something about emotional baggage from a previous blah blah and whatever and the only important part is that they never even hung out. dumb. now i think maybe he avoids the videostore and has a "fuck it dude" attitude about the situation.

"more than do-si-do" missed connection girl missed a square dance or something and there was a big gap in between meetings and lukas supposedly wasn't really into her or something. shut it down, no love.

peacegirl from work came to a potluck, was awkward , followed lukas around, seemed nice, texted him chilly relationshippy type stuff, fizzle, fizzle, die. nothing. i think he said something about "not really feelin' it" or something. neat. sometimes i feel like for lukas, girls are those skeet things. he just likes to shoot at them. maybe the skeets are their hearts. lukas shoots hearts. with guns. sorry peace girl, you gots shot. by lukas' wang. his anti-love wang. unsexually.

he went to the olympic national forest a week ago with philip and naomi and the benny. philip and lukas climbed to the peak of some place near boulder lake. there have been reports that a wild orgy was had on the peak of a mountain. pregnancy tests have been issued. one elk is reported to be filing suit.

i forget what else. maybe there will be some retroactive update if i am reminded. please leave any requests for specific investigative work in the comment thing. be discreet or something. i guess.

oh yeah. there is a girl that was in his class at psu who is a hot hipster or something. he saw her at paradox. why didn't he talk to her? gah. maybe next time.

you are to me as the dead are to me, dead.

how the fuck do i make pictures happen in the middle of shit and stuff?


farrellvegan said...

post all the pictures first and then you can write inbetween them. glad you're back

xbewarethenorthwestx said...

I think an investigation into what it would take to get One King Down to do a reunion tour for Lukas' next birthday oughta be launched.

I can never forget
My blood has run cold and I feel for you no longer

To me you would be as
The dead would be to me

But I also think the blog should just be about how much we all love Lukas so shit.