Sunday, September 28, 2008

it's just know?

So it's been a while...

and I hate to tell you this...

but lukas is dead.

just kidding.
i've been out traveling so I haven't had much (any) work on the front lines as a spectactor to the crazy clusterfuck dance party that is Lukas' Love Life. For all I know he could be married right now. I usually wouldn't talk about myself...but because it so closely relates to lukas' impeccable love making skills, I will. I miss the HJ's. Plain and simple. The man gives a mean HJ.

Before I left I overheard him talking about the possibility of finding a few beautiful women to start farming babies with. He said something about "mad cash money all up in my pockets" and how people are dying for "some phat all-american baby-age". I thought this was a little off, but whatever.

He could be having an affair right now and I would have no way of knowing...except that I already knew before it happened. Gah. The suspense is thrilling me. Killing me. Softly.

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ian fucking shiver. said...

dude come visit me in asheville.